I almost forgot to post this past week’s weekly inspirations!

41+0-MrDKaL.jpgSo I just need to say I really have the best clients in the world, but every massage therapist believes that I think 🙂 One of my clients and I just talk about food and what we did over the past couple of weeks, and I was telling him how I so coveted a good enameled cast iron Dutch oven but the one I want is several 100 dollars. Every time I think about buying it I stop myself because that’s the cost of two plane tickets to Mexico. So you can imagine my delight when he showed me this. TA-DA! Ain’t she purdy??? #Swoon Thank you Amazon!


I always have a morning and lunch protein shake – they’re just too damn easy and delicious! But when I’m out during the day I don’t have access to my blender so it’s a bit more basic…until now! This fancy little dinger can allow me to blend and go and have all of my goodies inside of my shakes whenever I want! Again, AmazonFTW! (“for the win” ICYDK…in case you didn’t know)


The new side project of Bon Appetit, Healthyish, is genius. I’m loving their new and colorful recipes, more plant-forward but still elegant.

Hailing all the way from the Munchies of the Netherlands!

I’ve also stumbled upon a new site, Munchies – Vice is its mother editorial. In the menu you can read about all things food from recipes to restaurants to travel to WTF. Here’s one article about a chef who closed their restaurant because it was making them “fat”.


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