Weekly Inspo

So I “moderate” a page on Facebook named Recipe Share. It started as a small group for some girl friends as we embarked on a self-imposed “Ass & Abs Spring Challenge” last April. We were sharing so many recipe/food ideas I decided to keep it going and expand it after the month ended. Now, anything goes from food trends, featured businesses near and far, new seasons of Chef’s Table, cooking utensils, shamelessly plugging this blog, to seasonal food lists, it’s all on there. And today I found myself wanting to share ALL the things – apparently Sundays are the day for overshare – and instead of sharing all of them, I just saved a bunch of links. And why save links? So I can overshare later?? Nope. I’m going to collect them all here.

Here’s what inspired me this week in the world of things:


1.A nutritionist ranked popular school snacks. You’re probably wrong what order they’re in.


2. I’m halfway through a 48-hour cleanse and I want this SO  bad. #worththepreptime


3. I’m making this for my brother and me on Saturday.


4. I’m a huge body nerd- in case you couldn’t tell. And TedEd is fucking brilliant.


5. As a dairy-freer this makes me happy 1.jpg

6. Sugar (refined and processed sugar) is the devil and I want to be at the head of pack leading the awakened crusaders against it.