Everyone Has a Story

When I first started this little side project I had a lot of ideas, a lot of goals and intentions about what I wanted to build, the type of space I wanted to foster. With something like this, there really isn’t an end point – it’s a continuous evolution and work in progress, which can make any progress daunting and slow at times. I had intended to post weekly, but sometimes that just isn’t possible. I like to research and gather accurate information to make it a reliable and trustworthy source for all of you, my readers, and sometimes I just don’t have 5-6 consecutive hours out of my day to make that happen. But right now I’m an almost 4 hour flight I can at least get the next phase started!

During my brainstorming of Health Isn’t Hard I knew I wanted to have a page of testimonials, if you will. Part interview, part “show and tell” from people I respect and am inspired by in this community, some of whom I am fortunate enough to call close friends. Over the course of however long I’m contributing and growing this page, I’ll be the facilitator of sharing their stories, their journeys of how they found, applied, and maintained healthy lifestyles, what inspired them to change, what their life looks like now, their goals for the future. I can only tell my story from so many different angles before even that gets boring. This blog was never supposed to be all about me anyways.

One journey covers the before, during, and after of life with endometriosis. Others, on finding inspiration through participating in triathlons and nonprofit bike events. Some stories are from people much younger than I, some older. Some stories are coming from across the world. Some are from my direct family members, even. I’ll share stories from well-accomplished professional chefs, and at-home cooks. The gamut will cover “glutards”, vegans, Paleo, carne-philes, recovering and current sugar addicts, lesser-common restricted diets from nightshades, and life with chronic inflammation. I don’t know of a single person who can tell their story without referencing their health or relationship with food over their lifetime. And the relationship doesn’t have to be a bad one, but along with air and water we have a connection with food “in sickness and in health, for better or worse, ’til death do us part”.


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