It’s been a busy few days since I returned from my trip to Tennessee! There are few things that make me feel better than coming back to my clients who are eagerly awaiting their upcoming sessions. I’ve definitely got that Spring-sation, Spring purge/reorganize/adultify my life vibe happening. Today I started the process of creating a ritual/meditation/soul space. Once my art is hung and I get a floor plant I think it’s going to look quite nice. Over the past year or so I have begun to value to the importance of spaces dedicated to peace and love and reflection and gratitude, and now I have one of my own and my apartment is finally feeling like an adult home. Just a few more tweaks and I’ll be there! So now, at nearly 1am I am taking the time to write but this won’t take long. Just a few links this week since I’ve been all over the place!

The first inspiration over the past week came from an aquaintance who shared this video. Intermittent fasting and cellular detox is something I’ve written about and implemented into my routine over the past several months and it has really changed me inside and out. This video just reaffirms what has been working for me!


In my wellness coaching group, I am taking on the role of leading Facebook Live video cooking “tutorials”! I decided I should make a 1-pot dish first, and I chose this:041197c06c41f727e4ddd68783fcf6dbbcf2f2aa.jpeg

My alma mater (and department) do some pretty cool shit. Loving the piles research pointing to how we can put certain foods in our bodies instead of medications to naturally treat our ailments.



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