When one of the most important people in your life is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, it doesn’t take much to find inspiration and hold on to it. And when sicknesses like this hit so close to home, it just brings me back to my why, why I’m just a little obsessed with taking control over my health, my body, and dragging/inspiring anyone along the way I can. Sure cancer is a real C-yoU-Next-Tuesday and in some cases is seemingly random in its host. But if I’ve learned anything in my short 31 years, is that nothing is random. Quantum physics is not random. Order and math define chaos. But I digress… back to my why. For me that started by being an active member of the anti-sugar army, an addiction crusader, a leader of the informed consumer rebellion, whatever you want to call it. So the next few links are on that. That white sweet stuff that seems so innocent and yet is the biggest government “conspiracy” of all. I say conspiracy because we are willful participants in the greatest con of all time. We are given the information on labels, in the news, in peer reviewed journals. And yet we ignore 100% of it. We justify every sip, bite, and craving. And for what? I had a joking-but-serious brief texting conversation with my dad tonight (we were talking about homemade sloppy joes; I found a great-looking recipe from Bon Appetit that I actually want to try later next week).

Me: I’d bet a minimum there’s some form of sugar definitely the ketchup, and maybe the mustard

Dad: Yeah most ketchup does. No sugar added ketchup is more expensive

Me: WORTH IT. It’s not that *that* much more

Dad: Yeah

Me:You’re not going through a bottle a week

Dad: No it is small bottle though

Me: haha you’re not going to convince me that an extra $.60/serving is worth a harmful ingredient that doesn’t need to be in there.

Dad: No, I know

Me: lol 😘 If everyone stopped buying the sugar filled stuff companies would stop making it. #truestory and then we’d have what we need and want

Dad: Right

Me: Just some “food for thought” so to speak 😊

It can be so so so so hard for older generations to take that leap, to make that change and really abandon their familiar way of choosing what goes in their body. I can imagine there’s a lot of shame around it, a lot of guilt. But I want to turn that guilt into empowerment! Let go of the “oh what I have I done to myself” attitude and turn it around. You’re not dead yet! Yes, it’s scary making changes. But a piece of you already knows how much better you could feel if you just tried, and the guilt is not in the why didn’t I start sooner, but in the conscious choices we are making that we KNOW aren’t good and really don’t want to make but do anyway. Our actions are not in alignment with our highest values, and we know it as soon as we deviate.

So here are my sweet sweet links:

Exhibit A: Katy Couric narrated and helped research a movie in 2014 about the sugar industry. It’s quick and too the point, worth the play time.


Exhibit B: The New York Times. Need I say more?


Exhibit C: Another documentary, Sugar Coated… this one’s on Netflix.


But it’s not all bad. We are waking up and demanding better, cooking smarter. And I thank people like this chef, doing his part to be part of the change.


And one of my favorite publications decides to create a new branch dedicated to healthier, still elegant, and creative ways to approach food. #alternativesugar (still real sugar, it’s not fake, unlike alternative facts).

AltSugarAll_01262017 HEALTHYISH 40.jpg


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