What’s your health worth? (part 1)

When and where did shopping for/being proactive in choosing healthier food options become regarded as “unaffordable”? “You think wellness is expensive? Try illness.” I don’t know who wrote that but yea, that. ALL of that. Unaffordable is a subjective term since we all value money and things we do with our money differently. To me, unaffordable is having staggering healthcare costs because I’ve made myself sick from living off of fast food or sugar and preservative-laden processed food. Unaffordable is needing to make time to go to the doctor including the time it takes to get to and from, having the necessary co-pay, plus the costs of any prescriptions, and then the health insurance policy needed on top of that in order to see said doctor. Unaffordable are the extra prescriptions sometimes needed to mask the side effects attributed to the original scrip. Money doesn’t make the world go round, but being sick sure as hell does. When we are sick, we need a lot more, it’s natural, we can’t help it. I know I turn into a giant baby when I’ve got just a mild cold… I can’t imagine how terrible it would feel to suffer from something more serious. And I am so so so thankful and grateful for my health. I do not take it for granted for a second. It’s when we become more dependent on others, though, on medications, on companies to provide us with remedies to heal… I think we all need to take a step back and re-examine that reality. The CEO’s of Johnson&Johnson or Phizer are not going to be at your bedside while we pass over, they are not going to be serving our great-grandmother’s chicken broth to nurse us back to health. In fact, they couldn’t give one lick about us or our health. Because the sicker we are, the more we need what they provide- medication. And the more medication we buy/need, the richer they become. So, no, not only do they not care, they don’t want us well. It’s math and economics, simple supply & demand. We supply the illness, they supply the “medicine”, and medicines for those medicines. Going after Big Pharma does nothing, they’re too entrenched in the pockets of every lobbyist and lawmaker…(wait is there a difference? I don’t know anymore.) Blaming Big Pharma is a deflection. We created it with our demands to be taken care of, don’t you see? So how, how and where do we start to take care of ourselves again? How can we reclaim our mindbodysoul independence, our Emancipation Health-clamation?

*Fun fact: healthier people are foregoing health insurance and paying the penalties because it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment at the current exorbitant rates. In effect this drives up rates more so that CEOs don’t lose money, thereby putting the burden of rising costs on people who need it the most, those with pre-existing conditions from autoimmune diseases to cancer to physical disabilities. Heaven forbid Aetna’s CEO make less than the tight $17.5M bacon he’s bringing home right now, bless his heart…eye…roll…………..

I think we start with acknowledging and then repairing the disconnect, the gaping chasm between our bodies and our brains. We are so out of touch as a culture, with how every choice we make affects our reality, how we experience life. Every drug/food/drink we put into our bodies, every single sip, taste, & inhale has a direct effect on how we feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. What goes in becomes broken down, ingested, broken down again, sent to our cells, and then transported through our entire body before being released. We are so much more than mindless eating —> waste pooping robots. Every single thing we consume or come into contact with doesn’t just affect us where we feel it, it affects us where we don’t feel it too. We don’t feel our pancreas secreting insulin to help transport glucose. We don’t feel our muscles release Magnesium to reabsorb Calcium in order relax. We don’t feel our kidneys filter fluids from water and make urine. We don’t feel our hormones working before our brain signals to us that we are hungry or full. We don’t feel autophagy (cell death) or mitosis (cell birth). But imagine, just for a second that we could feel all of those things. If you were so in touch with every microscopic function happening instantaneously 24/7 that you could tell exactly when and where something was off or not running as smoothly, I guarantee you’d be more careful, intentional, and conscious of what you choose to consume.

As a massage therapist I have come across hundreds of clients who say, “it hurts here when I do  ‘x’.” And when I start working on them I find the pain or presenting complaint actually refers  to/resides in another place entirely. Bodywork provides the unique ability to connect to the biofeedback pathways and open the communication that is trying to happen within the body that we have subconsciously turned off so we can “get back to work” or just “get on with our lives”. Remember fire drills from like 3rd grade? Stop-Drop-Roll? Well, I highly recommend we start to Stop-Breathe-Feel. When something feels off do NOT ignore it, do NOT dismiss it. Barring blunt force traumas, pain or discomfort signals come from WITHIN the body, which means we most likely consumed something to create or trigger that sensation.

From a religo-spiritual point of view, if we contain all parts of the Universe and we are one with the Universe, or another way, if God lies within us because God created man in His image, then why in the hell would you fill God’s house with garbage and crap that makes you feel bad? Your body is a sacred miracle. It defies and defines chemistry and physics and nonlinear equations. Science only really “understands” 2% of the entire human brain. The remaining 98% is anything but inert, I can assure you. I heard recently the chance of actually becoming a human is like 1/400,000,000. Think about those odds for a second. Four hundred MILLION. Know what I’d do with $400,000,000? I have no fucking clue. What I DO know, though, is this body, the vessel of the spirit, the soul, that will transcend this mortal cavity and carry on is worth at LEAST that much.

Back to my original question though, when did it become an inconvenience, a burden even, to take care of ourselves? When did it become OK to settle? When did we start condoning and enabling social behaviors that harm us to our very core? I feel like a two-year old…


….to be continued.


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