Cellular Cleansing – yes there’s more

I watched an amazingly in-depth video from someone who has spent almost her entire medical career exploring the world of “nutrition” and how she could best help her patients. She took the time to breakdown cleansing, what it is and what it means and I’m here to recap it for you! This information needs to be shared. So here I go!

Detox – how does it relate to our health and also our weight?

Fad diets – soooo 2014! Let’s make permanent changes! No more wasting money and not seeing the long-lasting results we want. How do we do that?  Address the misconceptions.

Cleanse misconceptions:

Why do we need to cleanse when our organs do it for us?

1950 vs. now – soil less dense in nutrients, less organic farming, more toxic environment

Where we’ve ended up in our society is a state of being chronically nutritionally depleted and high stress, both of which contribute to toxicity and healthy weight issues.

There are 80K chemicals in our environment, > 1% have been tested for safety. Toxins are primarily carried in the body through our fat cells. All cells have a dual fat layer (called the lipid bilayer), though, and the fatty protective membrane has an affinity for toxins to keep them out of the cell. But this also keeps cellular waste products from leaving the cells and keeps nutrients from entering. Basically the cells are suffocating. This is the basic start of inflammation, and inflammation has been linked to every chronic disease in the body.

Research can now show the amount of toxins in the body by studying the fat cells. Some have shown 232 different chemicals in the umbilical cords of pregnant women that are being passed directly to fetus, and is passed generationally. But our detox organs – skin, liver, kidneys, gut – are working at full capacity. Our amount of exposure to toxins and chemicals is more than our very carefully created and functioning organs can handle – in comes the supplements we need to help us. And it’s not just one product we need. Remember it’s never a magic-pill-single-time fix!

So, what are the toxins we are exposed to? It’s not just the smog and second-hand cigarette smoke. The EPA estimates our indoor environment is 7-10x more toxic than our outdoor environment. Think household cleaners and personal care products that we are exposed to every, single, day are more of an exposure to toxicity than what we meet outside. Epi-genetics – how our genes are expressed, or turned on/off – are affected by exposure to toxins. Some food allergies, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, are just a few that didn’t exist, or weren’t nearly as common, 50 years ago. These “New Millennial Diseases” are a direct result of nutritional deficiency in our food and toxic environments.

Do vitamins actually work? 

Most are a complete waste of money, they can show up in x-rays and don’t digest at all, and then all we can do is pee them out and you are left still nutritionally-depleted and expelling really expensive urine. They have fillers like soy and artificial sweeteners to be made in such large quantities. READ THE LABELS! 

The nutrition industry is NOT regulated so they can pretty much get away with lying about anything and everything just for the sake of making a few bucks off of the uneducated consumer. Companies in this industry do not care about your health. They don’t. They care about their bank account. Period!!!

Statistics tell us 1 out of every 3 kids will develop juvenile diabetes (type II diabetes). This generation will NOT outlive their parents if they were born after the year 2000…….What?! And it’s 100% preventable and treatable and lifestyle related.

Weight – yeah I see you 2017 “resolutions”… (groan)

The shift is happening! Fad-dieting is out and long-term is in! Thank God. Calories in versus calories out is an increasingly inadequate and antiquated model for weight loss & gain. Long-term solutions address hormone and inflammation. Yes it’s more work but you get results and that’s what we want!

Quick anatomy 101: there’s a part of the brain called the hypothalamus. Its’ job is to control hunger, drive (for food and how much), and cravings.

Craving sugar and salt or not feeling full all affect us at the cellular level because of how it affects the brain. One hormone called leptin is secreted from fat cells, tells our brain we are full and says “burn the fat!” for energy instead of sugar. But because of the toxins in our system blocking the cell’s lipid bilayer, leptin doesn’t leave the cell as easily, and the satiety messages don’t reach the brain. Due to our Western diet, we also have have an excessive amount of sugar/glucose coursing through us, ready to be used for energy. And as long as that fuel is readily available the body won’t burn fat.

There’s another key hunger hormone called ghrelin (when your stomach growls that’s the hormone responsible – growlin’ ghrelin as I learned in my undergraduate coursework for integrative physiology). Ghrelin‘s name is very important, it stems from the acronym GHRP, growth-hormone-releasing-peptide. Growth hormone is key in weight loss & gain, and I’ll revisit this important component in a later post. Ghrelin also affects the reward part of the brain that released dopamine. Alcohol and sugary foods also stimulate this area. So, more ghrelin -> more dopamine -> more sugar cravings -> more dopamine -> more ghrelin. It’s a classic positive feedback loop. The off-switch is leptin! See how that works?

So in summation, when we don’t feel full because leptin can’t reach the brain, we keep secreting ghrelin to keep us eating, and when we reach for sweet foods that stimulates our reward parts of our brain, we keep eating those. Sugar not used for energy is stored as fat and the rest keeps waging war on the pancreas and liver while swimming happily through our circulatory system. Yay.

Weight Loss Resistance- changing the diet with good food and exercise but doesn’t yield results is due to this hormonal disruption. The body can’t get into fat-burning mode, and it takes time to undo the disruption and get your body functioning normally. Not getting the results we want is one of dozens of stress-contributing factors in our lives. Stress and the cortisol hormone are also key factors in binge-eating, over-eating, subconscious eating patterns that exacerbate these hormonal problems.

So what happens next if the old “diet and exercise” trick just isn’t working?? You got it. Enter intermittent fasting/cellular cleansing!

So what’s the deal with intermittent fasting?

  1. It provides nutrition to your body while you’re fasting to
    • people with excess sugar in the bloodstream may not succeed on the first try, but we keep doing to retrain the body. Remember, you can’t undo years of hormonal disruption in just a few hours
    • protocols support blood glucose while your body is processing the toxins in your system
  2. Sweet spot is 36-48 hours
  3. This is ideal time frame for growth hormone and testosterone release, immune system support, and gives the gut a break and a chance to breathe.
  4. Over time, your lean muscle mass increases and body fat decreases. BUT muscle weighs MORE THAN fat!!! The number on the scale isn’t the end-all be-all.
  5. Cellular Cleansing does NOT keep you in the bathroom. You don’t need PTO from work to do a cellular detox/cleanse. You may find yourself peeing more, but that’s normal and a great sign your kidneys are doing their job! Thermogenic regulation can be affected and you may be colder, but it’s not dangerous!
  6. Mental clarity is a huge benefit. Gut system is the “second brain”, and also is where we secrete serotonin that travels to our brain and tells us we are happy.
  7. Many people notice illnesses and allergies resolve themselves over time, and also they become less or totally independent of most medications.
  8. Private lifestyle group available to anyone who wants to learn more about products that can help educate and make sure you are successful if this is something you are interested in.

This isn’t the video I recapped here, but it’s very similar and by the same person. Listen and be inspired!


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