Cleansing (not as gross as it sounds)

For YEARS I heard about people cleansing – drinking cayenne-lemon-tumeric water or some God-awful concoction like that so they could take a paid vacation day to stay at home and live in their bathroom so their colon could peacefully purge all of its sins away undisturbed. Gross.

Juice cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, Master Cleanse, Detox cleanse (redundant?).. so so so so many! Here were the top 10  different cleanses of 2014. And what happens after we supposedly rid ourselves of every toxin we put into our body up to that point? We go right back to our same old habits, and then 3, 6, 12 months later we cleanse again. So I guess the first question that needs to be answered is what is the goal of cleansing? Well to lose weight, duh! But also what? To create a better environment inside of our bodies! Deep down we all know we could do better (like tonight I decided to eat 1/2 of a bag of pita chips. Oops.) We look to cleansing to aggressively swing back the pendulum of poor food choices and undo and “harm” we may be doing to ourselves. Cleansing is like the agnostic’s repentance. It doesn’t feel good in the process to admit we’ve done wrongdoing against ourselves, so we repent by forcing ourselves to shit for days or half-starve living on nothing but celery juice …just so we can feel good about ourselves after? If you’re anything like me, neither of those side effects sound worth it. So what’s a person to do? Well, let’s think a little deeper. Before we were organs and bones and whole people, what were we? Cells! Minus the skin cells that we slough off daily, cells are very much breathing and alive. These microscopic beings transport oxygen, vitamins, minerals, hormones to all parts of our bodies. If the cells don’t function, the areas they service lose function. How do we do a cellular cleanse you ask? That’s a great question and it’s got a lot of answers. It does consist of a detox, a whole-system detox. The liver, kidneys, colon, they’ve all got to go in together or it doesn’t work. Can you only fix 1 brake in your car? Nope, you do them as a set. And your body is a whole set. And you treat it all by putting the best things you can into it. The problem with that scenario is the food quality today, and I don’t just mean prepared foods vs. produce. The nutrition-density of our food has declined dramatically due to pesticides, poor soil quality, and over-farming (which leads to poor soil quality). The solution to this is to buy from local and organic farmers, but in many parts of the country this just isn’t possible, it’s also expenseive.  So then what? Supplements. Oh boy, here’s a can of worms that I’ll try to keep manageable. Supplements off of the shelf, mostly, are total crap. We pee over 65% of them out which means we aren’t absorbing them. Supplements are not a place where you want to skim on the price either. Why pee your money down the toilet? That’s literally what you’re doing. Usually, the more they are the better quality the ingredients are and you’ll absorb them better. Ask a trusted Chinese medicine doctor or acupuncturist to get the best reference.

Back to cleansing. If we are putting less-than-ideal things into our bodies daily we should be cleansing daily. Yes? Yes. But what about pooping at work??? Well, shit happens y’all. But not all cleansing has to purge your system of every bit in your GI Tract. Getting rid of everything affects your guts very important flora that maintain your immune system and is also gravely dehydrating. ..speaking of I need some water. By now most of us know that dieting does NOT work. It leads to yo-yo effects in our weight and overall health and harms our metabolism. It’s very confusing for our bodies and isn’t something they ever “get used to”. This image is one great explanation of why that is.



Our bodies are fascinating machines that want to self-regulate and try their hardest no matter what we throw into them. Why don’t we set them up to succeed? Our cells, our organs, our bones want to their job so we can LIVE. We have to nourish them so they nourish us, see how that works? But it seems we over-nourish ourselves. One topic I want to make sure I cover is intermittent fasting. This practice has been used worldwide for 100s of years, from religious purposes to athletic performance. Intermittent fasting (IF) is a great way to work up to a 24 and eventually 48-hour cleanse. With IF you keep 16 hours in-between your dinner and next morning’s meal, then you consume the normal amount of food you would in 6-8hours, go to bed, and the next day is normal.

Friday: Dinner @8pm

16 hours later…

Saturday: 12pm “brunch”, 3pm nutrient dense snack/macronutrient meal replacement bar, 6pm-8pm dinner. TONS OF WATER

Sunday: 9:30am breakfast

During these fasts, the laser sharp focus your brain experiences translates to improved performance such as fewer errors, quicker reaction times, smarter choices, and (in some cases) quicker strength gains. You can do this type of “daily cleansing” more than once a week if you want as well. Once that routine feels good to you at least once a week then you are ready for a 24 hour cleanse. Cleansing is not starvation. Let me repeat. Cleansing is NOT starvation. Having proper cleansing support is key to keeping your body functioning at its highest level. Cellular benefits of 24-48 hour cleanses include but are not limited to, increased growth hormone (GH), liver detoxification, and decreased inflammation. An increase in GH also means an increase in testosterone/decrease in estrogen, which leads to an increase in fat BURN/decrease in fat STORAGE accordingly.

The supplements I use on cleanse days to achieve these goals have these ingredients: Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Zinc, Cromium, Green tea, apple cider vinegar, bentonite, hyssop, Wolfberry, Alfalfa, bilberry, aloe vera, hibiscus, watermelon, kiwi, rhodiola root, velvet bean, ashwagandha root, cayenne, cinnamon, cocoa, blueberry, raspberry, burdock root, fennel root, licorice, bacopa, harada, eleuthero root, amla, rhododendron, alpha lipoic acid, D-ribose, black pepper, tribulus, bamboo, maca, ginger, peppermint, whole grain rice milk powder, hemp protein, pea protein, coconut palm sugar, sunflower oil, flax, banana, chia, morello, passion fruit, peach, pineapple, tomato. All of these ingredients are taken in a compressed pill and/or powder form at different times during the day so as to keep my digestion process and blood sugar levels stable. A spike in insulin messes with metabolism and fat burning so we have to be careful with the type and quality of the nutrients we consume during intermittent fasting/cleanse days.

There’s a ton of information in this piece, and if you made it to the end, bravo! But if you need, please digest it in chunks. And please write me with any questions you may have!


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