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When I loved myself enough, I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy.This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits – anything that kept me small. My judgement called it disloyal. Now I see it as self-loving.  – Mark Groves @createthelove

The past week has been jarring for all of us for different reasons. We’ve all felt the response to current events in our communities, on the news, amongst our peers – the circus doesn’t appear to be calming down any time soon. With intense responses we can feel intense reactions, maybe some greater than others. And what do you do for yourself in times of high stress? Some people eat more, or less, some people turn to exercise or lose their exercise routine entirely, some of us cry and yell, some of us drink in excess. Maybe we seek out other forms of therapy. Some of us self-medicate with prescription or recreational drug(s) of choice. Some of us compartmentalize until we have the time and space to process what exactly has happened, and that can take a while. The point is we all experience and respond to stress differently, and your reaction is NOT wrong, it’s a product of your environment. But at the end of the day, no matter how you respond, it is important to remember that you are the one choosing your response. If your response isn’t serving your own well being, how can you possibly make the changes happen you want to see in your outer world? Be the change!!! When you’re 95 and going over your whole life – and that’s a lot of life – what will you be the most proud of, what will you honor in your heart? I hope it’s you. I hope you’re the most proud of yourself and honor yourself in every way.


I believe that in the midst of all this social unrest we have been given a very unique opportunity. It’s easy to get tangled in the social media webs of frustration, sharing inflammatory clickbait, becoming more confused  because we feel like we are losing sight of what’s true and what isn’t. Uncertainty and doubt seem to be multiplying with every day. I know I’ve got social media whiplash for sure. And when that happens I have to step back, waaaay back. I go inward and despite my excessive use of words here I do experience a lot of quiet in my day to day. Yoga helps me, so does coloring 🙂 Like in many Impressionist paintings, the closer we get the more blurry the image becomes. That expression you can’t see the forest for the trees? We can’t see the painting up close because of all the dots. And I can’t see my life because of all the noise. Step back and find something in your life you can focus on that’s not blurry or confusing. Something simple that brings you joy until you feel ready to take on the bigger things. You’re not ignoring, you’re recalibrating. Taking care of your mind is no less important than your body or soul. How and where you CHOOSE to focus your energy so that you can feel able and strong and positive about yourself is entirely up to you and is valuable.


Part of the original quote I started off with reminded me of this post I shared via my business Instagram page a while ago. We become so complacent in our lives, the rote routines of wake up-coffee-breakfast (maybe)-work-coffee-lunch-coffee-home-dinner-TV-sleep. Depending on the day and person maybe exercise is in there, and if you have kids their daily schedules are in there too, or your pets’ needs, and if you’re dating, well there’s that too. This monotony creates an almost robotic method, a disconnection or just general unawareness of what’s happening outside our routine. We lose FOCUS of ourselves. Where are you? How do you FEEL? We blindly accept situations in our life as if we have no control or input as to what we want for ourselves. I’m here to tell you right now that just isn’t true. YOU are the master of your own universe – your body, your mind, your soul. YOU are making all of the choices to create the life you want. So, what do you want? Are you creating the life you want? Are you participating in your own life or just mindlessly going with the current, letting every stick and rock bruise you along the way? I encourage you to check in with your self. Sit in the quiet and ask yourself how you’re feeling. Does something ache? Are you agitated? How’s your breathing? Can you feel your heartbeat? Do you feel hot or cold?

Do this every day for a week and I bet you’ll see different, feel different. Know yourself, honor yourself, and love yourself. Every. Single. Day.



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